CLIN VSD Part Number
2009 VSD-21000-SX10 OrSat AL-7103-X MKII-10W
Orbit Technology Group OrSat, X-Band 1.15m (45’’) Tx/Rx Stabilized Linear Antenna System, 10W BUC 

1.15m X-Band Marine Stabilized Tx/Rx System

The Orsat-X Antenna System enables high performance, high-speed, 2-way broadband communication in a wide variety of applications. Ideal for use in existing VSAT naval environments, it provides a single platform for Ku & X band applications switching seamlessly back and forth between each, without the need to recalibrate the system.

Superior Connectivity & Efficiency

The system ensures superior quality of connectivity for comprehensive on-board communication applications via its exclusive mechanical design, compact dimensions and zero ‘keyholes’ for continuous zenith-horizon global communications. Orsat-X’s built-in RF package (16W BUC) combined with its unique RF/ antenna system, provides the best maximum EIRP spectral density capability and unmatched performance to size ratio.

OrSat-X is a highly efficient dual offset Gregorian 1.15m (45") X-Band antenna housed in a low loss 1.28m (50") radome, delivering a powerful, compact and cost-effective VSAT package. With its modular and robust design supporting multiple modem compatibility, OrSat-X meets the toughest environmental marine standards and is the latest innovative addition to Orbit’s proven Marine Stabilized Satellite Communication Systems.

Tested & Approved    

OrSat-X complies with "STANAG 4484" Ed. 2 July 2003 (Frequency bands, Polarization, antenna side-lobes). The system is compliant with environmental conditions including: EMC: IEC-EN 60954, Safety: EN 60204-1, ISO 12100-2, Shock: STD 810E Method 516.5 Pro.1, Vibration: MIL-STD-167-1 (Mast Mounted).

With over 50 years of global experience and internationally deployed teams of highly trained engineering support personnel, Orbit’s solutions are installed on a wide variety of naval and coastguard vessels, private yachts, cargo and cruise ships, tankers, fishing vessels, oil & gas rigs and other maritime craft.


  •  Innovative technology
  •  Unmatched EIRP spectral density
  •  Plug & Play installation
  •  Complies with "STANAG 4484"
  •  Worldwide support network
  •  Easy maintenance – use of modular replaceable LRUs
  •  Excellent proven track record
  •  Tested and proven in severe weather conditions

Key Features

  •  Optimal performance, minimum size
  •  Remote control and monitoring via Ethernet LAN or "Back Door"
  •  Unique 4-axis configuration for full hemispherical coverage
  •  Dual system configuration (optional)
  •  Single coax cable for connecting above deck to below deck equipment (using MUX technology)
  •  Maintenance & data log-in features
  •  Built-in "Cease Tx" function
  •  On-site exchangeable to a Ku-band kit