Combat and security effectiveness is a complex form of training – one that requires a significant amount of precise development programming in order to accurately portray the threats and environments that soldiers and security forces actually encounter. Since 2009 VSD has been delivering, in partnership with combat specialists, small firearms simulators and fire control simulators. Our combat and security effectiveness delivery capability includes:

  • Complete training solutions – simulators, curriculum, and instructors – for training soldiers, sailors, special forces, security forces, police forces, and national guards in small weapons usage and combat effectiveness
  • Simulators for training firearms skills, include basic firearms usage, target acquisition, identification and engagement skills in either individual or team settings
  • Live fire ranges and simulators for basic, advanced, and specialized marksmen; with different types of training solutions for individual and team training
  • Simulation of real world environments, complete with genuine weapons (modified for training use), recoil systems, laser sighting systems, and weapon fault inducers
  • Comprehensive training management systems with sophisticated firing performance tracking, variable environmental and lighting controls, customized targets and scenario introductions
  • Potential to integrate small arms weapons simulators with other types of simulators, such as a marine transportation platform, for realistic Special Marine Forces training
  • Customized combat effectiveness training solutions – including training strategies, needs assessments, options identification and solution design services – delivered by combat effectiveness experts