The current push towards using mobile devices is greatly driven by the recognition that continuous training is necessary to achieve and maintain operations efficiency in our increasingly complex and rapidly advancing technological world. Distributed training – training that makes use of internet and other communications technologies – allows organizations to reach thousands, even tens of thousands of individuals, regardless of where they are located on the planet, instantaneously. Distributed learning solutions have been successfully deployed on offshore oil rigs, remote mining sites, in forward military positions and in emergency response settings – each with great success. In fact, a large numbers of VSD’s computer-based training courses – related to military operations and maintenance – are made available to more than 2,000,000 government-related personnel through a distributed learning network on an annual basis.

VSD has built and currently maintains distributed learning solutions for military forces in a number of mission-critical operations areas.

VSD helps in distribution solution development by

  • Maintaining a focus on the science of instructional system design, which is often found lacking in current distributed learning systems, such that learning efficiency in the new distributed learning system is achieved
  • Implementing an integrated approach to distributed learning solution development that aligns student needs, with learning goals, and specific distributed learning technology capabilities
  • Bringing together all of the necessary solution components, as the master integrator – the software, hardware, communications, and access device providers – to work together, to effectively share vital information and to achieve a common design that achieves the learning goals