In certain settings, maximum training productivity comes from having the scale and diversity of learning settings that only a fixed facility can provide. Fixed training facilities are common where the workforce is concentrated in one place, where the necessary equipment for training is too large or too sensitive to move, or where the length and complexity of the instruction required means short-term training is not an option. VSD works with architects, engineers, construction firms, and regulators – many of whom are specialized in a particular industry – to coordinate all of the design efforts required to plan and design a complete training facility.

VSD and our fixed facility development partners provide

  • School and training facility functional designs – to best design and arrange classrooms, laboratories, demonstration areas, simulators and facility administrative/managerial spaces.
  • Industry-specific school and training facility designs that conform with leading industry best practice, smart engineering, and local building codes
  • Designs for smart education buildings – incorporating state-of-the-art information technologies and learning support systems
  • Designs of simulator-based training facilities – especially for firefighting/emergency response training and complex operations training – that emphasize in its design versatility for teaching multiple skills, student and instructor safety, ease of operations and maintenance, and affordability.