Learning solutions that work where your people work

Superior training results are sometimes simply a function of how much they can be productively put to use. For the master drilling equipment operator on a derrick drill ship, a national training center thousands of miles away is never going to be helpful. The same holds true for emergency personnel, security teams, and aviation crews – none of these individuals and teams can continuously travel for training to a national center hundreds or even thousands of miles away. Mobility is a common request, and a feature that has been built into hundreds of operations-training simulators.

Mobility features we have built into many solutions for clients

  • Use of an ISO-standard shipping container as a base structure for ease of road, rail, and sea transport
  • Use of Department of Transportation-approved truck beds as a base for a simulator that has mobility as a permanent feature
  • Inclusion of onboard power generation, fuel supply, and other critical operating consumable tanks (such as compressors) for independent operations
  • System designs particular to ease of operations and maintenance in mobile settings; with easy access to critical points in the system requiring frequent operations maintenance
  • Hardware choices designed to ensure high operating rates and simulator availability despite the constant moving of sensitive equipment
  • Modular designs using multiple standard shipping containers to create a larger-scale, portable facilities that can be broken down, relocated and reassembled relatively quickly