National scale, regional or even enterprise-wide training programs are rarely delivered through one learning format. When thousands of individuals are performing tens of thousands of different tasks, the training needs (and hence the optimal training solution for the entire organization) become very complex. VSD has worked with several organizations over multiple years on the evolution of total integrated solutions. When our experts work on national scale training programs, we typically provide experts to help our clients design an integrated total solution where many different formats – fixed, mobile, desktop, etc. – are part of the plan.

VSD excels in these challenging assignments in being able to

  • Evaluate the totality of the student body needs – conducting the necessary types of research and analysis on a grand scale to understand what training needs to occur and where
  • Identify and evaluate the merits of different learning delivery format options, forming the business case for each, and looking creatively at combinations of different formats in order to maximize the results
  • Apply “industry insider” knowledge to working with different specialist solution providers, to achieve a balanced, technically-sound, integrated solution
  • Follow through on what is being recommended by leading the solution development and delivery effort as the master integrator and as a key solution provider.