Service to understand your situation and to make plans accordingly

In order for training to be a solution – one that solves the performance problem you want solved – one must make the determination of whether or not, when all other factors have been stripped away, if an individual is capable of performing the required tasks. If the individual or team simply does not know how to do the job, then training is the key.

More common impediments to achieving superior results in an organization are the other factors that get in the way of performance; factors like work culture, personal drive, incentives, leadership, supervision and enabling resources.

VSD is eminently capable of diagnosing the root cause of weak performance and at crafting the necessary strategies and approaches for achieving superior results.

Our initial research and analysis techniques are geared towards answering a relatively simple question: what is happening now versus what should be happening? We use a wide variety of primary market research techniques and validate our datasets with available production and performance statistics. Our experts can work independently – as an objective, impartial assessor – or in close collaboration with managers – as a confidential team player. We gather comparative performance data – often through benchmark studies – that allow us to define with reasonable precision, the gaps in performance as we see them.

Our assessment teams include individuals with decades of evaluation and research expertise. We are fully capable of orchestrating sophisticated performance assessments on a citywide, regional, and national-scale.

We recognize that in our role as advisors we lack complete information, and therefore are careful to work with senior executive on the business interpretation of the data. When we reach agreement, our strategists help by organizing and prioritizing performance issues into actionable programs. We identify program options from among the known proven solutions while also considering pioneering approaches that look promising. Ultimately what is most valuable to organization leaders are the one-page strategies and roadmaps we make that show clearly and precisely how performance can and will be improved.

The end result of our assessment work is a practical, easy-to-follow strategy for achieving breakout organization performance results and workforce capability growth.