Simulation Solutions by Market Segment

Combat & Security Effectiveness

Combat and security effectiveness is a complex form of training – one that requires a significant amount of precise development programming in order to accurately portray the threats and environments that soldiers and security forces actually encounter. Since 2009 VSD has been delivering, in partnership with combat specialists, small firearms simulators and fire control simulators. Our combat and security effectiveness delivery capability includes:

  • Complete training solutions – simulators, curriculum, and instructors – for training soldiers, sailors, special forces, security forces, police forces, and national guards in small weapons usage and combat effectiveness
  • Simulators for training firearms skills, include basic firearms usage, target acquisition, identification and engagement skills in either individual or team settings
  • Live fire ranges and simulators for basic, advanced, and specialized marksmen; with different types of training solutions for individual and team training
  • Simulation of real world environments, complete with genuine weapons (modified for training use), recoil systems, laser sighting systems, and weapon fault inducers
  • Comprehensive training management systems with sophisticated firing performance tracking, variable environmental and lighting controls, customized targets and scenario introductions
  • Potential to integrate small arms weapons simulators with other types of simulators, such as a marine transportation platform, for realistic Special Marine Forces training
  • Customized combat effectiveness training solutions – including training strategies, needs assessments, options identification and solution design services – delivered by combat effectiveness experts

Firefighting & Emergency Response

Firefighting and emergency response training is an area that VSD entered in 2009 when it delivered its first training solution for new military recruits. Since then, VSD has established relationships with the leading firefighting live simulator and emergency response training providers to be able to provide the following range of solutions:

  • Comprehensive training solutions – from small department through to regional/national scale emergency responder training in firefighting
  • Comprehensive range of mobile, fixed facility and special operations live fire simulators for training basic to advanced firefighters (single fire class or multi-hazard)
  • Municipal first responder training solutions, especially for natural disaster response preparedness – tailored for civil defense, national guard, police, and temporary emergency response teams
  • Curriculum and instructors for municipal, industrial, and special emergency situation training at the individual, small team, and brigade levels. Firefighting, as well as rescue, life saving, and incident command
  • Specialization in adapting international standards (including US NFPA guidelines) to local conditions and standards; with appropriate emphasis on each nation’s and geography’s unique hazard profile
  • Industrial safety, industrial rescue, and industrial incident command training for emergency response professionals and instructors
  • National, regional, and municipal-scale training solutions – with strategy, needs assessment, and program design services – available from a highly experienced team of civil defense and emergency response experts

Equipment Operations & Maintenance

VSD began operations and maintenance training over 10 years ago. Since our founding we have been responsible for training hundreds of thousands of students on operations and maintenance procedures. Our work in this area has included:

  • Industry-specific total training solutions geared towards building operator competencies and sustaining operating performance across a large workforce
  • Highly specific solutions for the Oil & Gas Exploration equipment operations; especially maritime drilling platform ship operations
  • Highly specific solutions for Power Generation plant operations
  • Highly specific solutions for Maritime Ports operations
  • Highly specific solutions for Marine Power and Propulsion systems operations
  • Maintenance training solutions for organization-level, intermediate. and depot-level maintenance including “hot running” and “cold iron” engine of all types and sizes
  • Computer-based training solutions for auxiliary systems and equipment, such as filters, pumps, power distribution, communications arrays, etc.
  • Special vehicle driving simulators – 360-degree view driving simulators for special vehicle operations with virtual reality models of local streets, airports, industrial complexes, etc.
  • Simulators combined with curriculum, preprogrammed scenarios, certified instructors, and long-term operating support and maintenance contracts
  • Customized equipment operations and maintenance training solutions – including training strategies, needs assessments, reverse engineering of OEM systems, and bottom-up maintenance training solution design services – delivered by maintenance training experts

Industrial & Vocational Skill Building

The depth of VSD’s knowledge, skills, and experiences is readily applied to the development of training for complex industrial settings, including those with high risks and low tolerances for operator error. Our experts have delivered solutions in the following industrial and vocational skill-building areas:

  • Training systems and curriculums for technology-heavy, demanding operations, and exacting trades; especially those for oil and gas, power generation, and heavy industry
  • Skilled at adapting curriculum from existing libraries, operations manuals, and third-party vendors to comply with the standards of national and international certification bodies
  • Highly specific solutions for Electronic Systems technicians
  • Highly specific solutions for Industrial Maintenance Electrical & Instrumentation Technicians and Industrial Maintenance Mechanics
  • Highly specific solutions for Power Generation Maintenance and I&C Maintenance Technicians
  • Highly specific solutions for Power Generation Maintenance Technician and Mechanics
  • Industrial trades-related courses designed to specific testing or certification standards such as those used in the U.S. engineering and contraction industries (NCCER)
  • Industrial and vocational training strategies, needs assessments, options identification and solution design services – for site specific workforces or national vocational training academies