A high-quality training program, especially those for a military, civil defense organization or complex industrial corporations, is developed over time and consists of effective learning tools (simulators, training courses, etc.) combined with excellent instruction.

When discussing different training program strategies, there are many factors to consider. Does instruction need to be on-site or is travel to a training center an option? Will a self-paced computer course be effective, or is there a need for a higher level of individual competency and team development through instructor-led training? Whatever the reasons for deciding what makes a good training program for your situation, there is one element that is likely to be a vital consideration: the extent and the quality of the instructors.

VSD instructor teaching in classroom

We strive to match each training course delivery requirement with the best instructor possible; regardless of where that instructor works. VSD maintains partnerships with over a dozen firms, where together we have access to a pool of over 500 individual expert instructors. Our instructors travel the world, and have been key to the success of more than 1,000 training program deliveries on five continents.

For many organizations, the quality of the instructor begins with the energy of an instructor. Energy makes the big difference and if an instructor is passionate about the subject matter then students cannot help but also be interested.

On any given day in the year, VSD may have 25 instructors delivering courses somewhere on the globe. When VSD selects a new instructor to join our delivery team, we look for the following personal and professional attributes:

  • Patience – the capacity to explain any topic to new students, even though they will already know the material and even though they may be working in a foreign language.
  • Humor – Humor is a powerful tool in training and education. A fun learning environment makes for more eager pupils.
  • Knowledge – An instructor can be patient and humorous but an instructor needs to have to the right information as well. Proper analysis is needed to make sure the right people qualify for the right awards.
  • Passion – This should go hand in hand with knowledge as someone who is passionate about a subject will also want to know everything about the subject matter.