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VSD develops stand-alone and web-based SCORM-compliant courses, the recognized standard for computer-based training program development. We employ curriculum designers, technologists, learning scientists, chief instructors and subject matter experts to deliver all phases of military-grade and high-end commercial grade courseware development. Our courseware is currently used by governments, militaries, and corporations in more than 30 countries.

VSD is different from other courseware providers in that we have an extensive in-house learning science capability and multimedia capability. For customers seeking the optimal solution, we conduct organization mission-objectives analyses, job-task analyses, and knowledge-skills-abilities analyses as the design basis for developing such maximum-results-producing courses. With our multimedia capability, we create state-of-the-art video, sound, animations, images, 3-D models, web content, and 3-D terrains. When VSD’s multimedia is fused with our science-based instructional systems design capabilities, the result is an outstanding, results-producing CBT training solution.

We are also unique in the relationships we have with a pool of over 250 subject matter experts, market specialists, and certified trainers. Through these relationships, and in combination with our international delivery capacity, we are able to offer computer-based training courses in virtually any language and in any location.

Computer-Based Training

In 2002, VSD built and delivered the very first commercially developed computer-based training (CBT) course on the U.S. Navy’s E-Learning platform. Since then, VSD has retained a leading provider position, applying science and systematic process to courseware development such that the final training solution is the most efficient, productive, and powerful computer-based training tool possible. The value of this approach to designing CBT courses is evidenced in how much use these courses receive: VSD’s courseware is made available to more than 2,000,000 defense, homeland security, and civil servants worldwide every year.

38 countries & 5 continents have been delivered in by VSD’s group of companies

~81,600 Students a year using VSD training products

~550,000 Students Trained since inception

85 complete courses in VSD’s CBT inventory

2,000,000 students granted access to VSD | DTM online courses worldwide every year

~2,150 run-time hours of CBT and ILT curriculum


We provide courseware relevant to the following operations and maintenance areas:

  • Emergency Response/Firefighting Operations & Equipment Maintenance
  • Industrial Processes and Industrial Equipment Operations & Maintenance
  • Naval Vessels and Maritime Equipment Operations & Maintenance
  • Army Operations & Equipment Maintenance
  • Air Force Operations & Equipment Maintenance
  • Urban Security/Critical Asset Protection Operations & Equipment Maintenance
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VSD’s E-Learning Modules Library

VSD maintains a vast library of learning modules that have been used as a basis for developing the unique curriculum suites that each client’s needs and particular situation demands. We have over 10,000 courseware elements that can be repurposed to thousands of possible learning needs.