VSD Services | Professional Expertise

Acquisition Support

We provide tools and expertise to aid governments, corporations, and organizations in conducting their acquisitions of new equipment, from the single piece of equipment to whole fleets of maritime vessels. We work with our clients to conduct one-off procurements or to establish in-house procurement functions. The benefits of our involvement are readily apparent in time savings, our speed of organization, the clarity we bring to procurement finances, and the quality of the international suppliers we are able to attract to any given opportunity.

Our acquisition support services include:

  • Acquisition Strategies and Procurement Planning
  • Procurement Specifications and Scope of Work
  • Supplier Identification, Contacting and Vetting
  • Procurement Offices and Staffing
  • Securing and Validation of Offers, Quotations, and Proposals
  • Export and Regulatory Compliance Support
  • Owner’s Representation

Advisory, Strategy & Design Services

The advisors we provide are not just experts, but guru-level experts – recognized and acknowledged as among the leaders in their respective fields. We possess proprietary tools and processes for conducting virtually any type of training, manpower, and personnel evaluation and analysis.

Our analysis teams are skilled at providing:

  • Potential Supplier List Building
  • Potential Supplier Vetting
  • Capability Validation
  • Consortium Team Building
  • Division of Responsibilities
  • Legal and Contracting Frameworks
  • Leadership Recruitment
  • Team Planning and Organization

Solutions & Team Sourcing

Sometimes in acquisitions, more insight into the supplier marketplace is necessary before an acquisition strategy can be developed. For those who cannot easily or cost effectively conduct a global procurement, we help by identifying potential sources of supply (OEMs, subcontractors, specialty vendors) and vetting them so only qualified, responsible parties are invited to submit proposals. We also conduct case study research when “learning from others” is important before program planning and procurement occurs. The benefits of using VSD’s sourcing services are seen in the speed with which we identify the quality providers, and our ability to source solutions not just from the biggest companies, but also from some of the harder-to-get-to partners like universities, small businesses, and even government-sponsored services organizations.

For nationally important projects and large projects where a multipart solution is necessary, VSD is often engaged to take the lead in arranging multiparty consortiums. We recruit the world’s best team members, regardless of where they reside (in large corporations, professional service firms, universities, and even small businesses). The benefits here are simple: we are often able to bring the world’s smartest, most capable, most experienced, and most organized teams to bear on any given challenge.

We help find solutions by conducting a number of key functions:

  • Occupational, Task, and Situational Analysis
  • Local, Regional, and National Assessments for Training, Manpower, and Personnel Planning
  • Training Gap Analysis and Training Program Prioritization
  • Performance Analysis and Improvement Strategies
  • Program Planning and Optimization
  • Performance Measurement and Reporting Tools
  • Local, Regional, and National Strategies
  • National Policy and International Standards Interpretation and Rationalization