Software-based desktop training is ideal when large numbers of individuals need to be trained to basic proficiency in a number of complex, critical tasks. Less than 25 years ago, software-based desktop training was conducted from special laboratories. Today, is it estimated that more than 80% of companies use desktop training as one of their top 3 training tools. Desktop training is can be very effective when the objective is to transfer knowledge to students.

VSD’s desktop solutions include one of the world’s leading commercially-available combat effectiveness/threat recognition training tools and one of the lowest cost maritime navigation training tools in existence. The expertise that has gone into building these two highly effective desktop training products is often called upon to help clients develop their own desktop solutions.

VSD is highly skilled in providing

  • Learning science-based approaches to desktop training solutions development that aligns learning needs, organizational goals, and attention to reality all within tight delivery budgets
  • Simplified desktop simulations of complex and expense equipment that can be replicated and broadly distributed to a large number of students using lower cost desktop components
  • Laboratory-designs where multiple types of desktop simulators and training tools can be configured to work in an integrated, small team, or stand-alone setting