Firefighting and emergency response training is an area that VSD entered in 2009 when it delivered its first training solution for new military recruits. Since then, VSD has established relationships with the leading firefighting live simulator and emergency response training providers to be able to provide the following range of solutions:

  • Comprehensive training solutions – from small department through to regional/national scale emergency responder training in firefighting
  • Comprehensive range of mobile, fixed facility and special operations live fire simulators for training basic to advanced firefighters (single fire class or multi-hazard)
  • Municipal first responder training solutions, especially for natural disaster response preparedness – tailored for civil defense, national guard, police, and temporary emergency response teams
  • Curriculum and instructors for municipal, industrial, and special emergency situation training at the individual, small team, and brigade levels. Firefighting, as well as rescue, life saving, and incident command
  • Specialization in adapting international standards (including US NFPA guidelines) to local conditions and standards; with appropriate emphasis on each nation’s and geography’s unique hazard profile
  • Industrial safety, industrial rescue, and industrial incident command training for emergency response professionals and instructors
  • National, regional, and municipal-scale training solutions – with strategy, needs assessment, and program design services – available from a highly experienced team of civil defense and emergency response experts