True to our origins, naval defense and commercial marine simulation is where VSD began in simulation. We combine all of the maritime operations knowledge earned through decades of navy, merchant marine, and offshore industry careers with our learning science capabilities to offer naval defense and commercial marine simulators that consistently outperform our competitors’ offerings in terms of accuracy, speed of delivery, and overall balance in the training solution being provided. VSD’s naval and commercial marine expertise includes:

  • Advanced maritime simulators powered by DTM Global’s Fleetman™ software providing accurate and immersive virtual marine operations environment
  • Simulator and training systems solutions tailored for naval defense, coastal security, maritime resource monitoring, and commercial maritime fleets
  • Realistic controls designed to the exact shipboard specifications of the actual vessel or to a widely used generic fleet standard
  • Integrated simulators with full mission bridges, engine rooms, communications and fire control stations, as well as crew-served small arms trainers
  • Able to operate in standalone or fully integrated mode for individual, small team, or crew-level familiarization and scenario-based training
  • Each marine operations simulator can be delivered with curriculum (classroom and simulator-based instruction), with certified instructors and with long-term operating support and maintenance contracts
  • Tailored bespoke solutions comprised of integrated training tools and components to deliver a “total blended training solution” as necessary for the introduction of new naval fleets
  • Marine training strategies, needs assessments, options identification, and solution design services – delivered by experts, each with an average of 20 years experience