VSD is proud to announce that David Bellamy has been appointed General Manager of DTM Global.

David Bellamy’s Bio

David started his career as a “fresh-faced navigator” in the Royal Air Force (RAF), flying the Tornado GR1 in the strike-attack role. Too smart for his own good, he managed to study for a first class honours degree in history and humanities whilst simultaneously collecting low-flying complaints and irritating senior officers, more than earning his annual appraisal of “all the qualities of a dog except for that of loyalty and obedience.” The pinnacle of his RAF career was came as a mission commander during the 1991 Gulf War, tasked in the roles of suppression of enemy air defence and precision-guided munitions. He was also mentioned in Despatches for leadership during these combat operations.

Fortunately for the RAF, David retired in 1992 to wreak havoc in the civilian world, joining GEC Marconi as an Electronic Warfare Instructor. With new commercial skills on-board, David honed these during a 7-year secondment to Saudi Arabia, where professionalism, integrity and haggling skills are held in high esteem. On returning to the UK in 1999, David was promoted to the role of Training Manager, responsible for all international electronic warfare training programs to customers such as the Royal Canadian Air Force, Jordanian Air Force, Royal Malaysian Navy, Pakistan Navy, Royal Air Force of Oman, and the United Arab Emirates Air Force.

David joined DT Media in 2001 in a new role as Business Development Manager, and was instrumental in the success of this new digital media company, creating new business with digital animations, point of information displays, and 3D visualisation tools to British and European defence companies. Passionate about training, knowledge, and visualisation, it was no surprise that David took a concept and turned it into DTM’s Insight software. As the Insight Programme Manager for DTM Global, and successfully penetrated the export market with sales to the United States Air Force, Australian Army, German Air Force, and NATO. With a proven training and product development record, David has excelled in capturing customer requirements and forging new international relationships that have yielded symbiotic success for both the customers and the company.

A keen out-door person, well read, and not a bad cook, David thoroughly enjoys all the cultural challenges of international travel. The mountains, snow, and surf all feature highly in his life, as do people. This is one navigator who knows where he has been, and knows where he is going.

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DTM Global specializes in simulators and training solutions to improve combat effectiveness, mission planning, and tactical deployment. DTM is based in the United Kingdom.