35M in the water

VSD, LLC, as a subcontractor to Swiftships Shipbuilders, LLC, has been awarded a contract from Naval Air Warfare Center, Training Systems Division, Orlando, Fla., to provide the Iraqi Navy with training and training systems. The contract value exceeds $23 million and the work will be conducted over the next 13 months. VSD, LLC will develop and deliver training and manage the team of contractors in the development of the training systems to include a Full Mission Bridge Trainer, a Small Arms Trainer, and a Fire Fighting Trainer. Other team members involved in this effort include Q.E.D. Systems, Inc., based in Virginia Beach, and Northrop Grumman Electronics Systems Division, located in Ocean Springs, Miss. Under this contract, VSD, LLC will oversee the training of approximately 100 Iraqi sailors in Morgan City, La., over the next year. VSD expects more than 15 new full-time jobs will be created by this effort in the Virginia Beach area, and more than 30 new full-time positions overall.

Chuck Wythe, Managing Director of VSD, LLC, stated, “We are exceptionally proud to be part of this historic and very important work associated with the reconstruction of Iraq. Our efforts in this training evolution are directly supporting the draw-down of U.S. forces in the region by providing the Iraqis with the necessary training systems and skills to effectively protect their national assets. This program is extraordinarily fast-paced and there is little room for error in execution. I am especially proud of all the work the team has put in to achieve the impossible in getting this program underway within the time constraints that were imposed. VSD is quickly becoming the company to turn to for these types of challenging training programs.”