Mrs. Barbara Dillon as acting chief financial officer (CFO)

VSD, LLC (VSD) is pleased to announce Mrs. Barbara Dillon as acting chief financial officer (CFO). This announcement reflects a corporate realignment brought about by VSD’s recent growth.

Most recently VSD’s director of finance and accounting and head of contract and purchasing compliance functions, Barbara came to VSD with 25 years of accounting and finance experience with large defense contractors and public accounting. She has managed the payroll function in organizations as large as 785 employees, and served as a controller for the EDO Corporation and internal auditor for Milcom Systems. At these companies, she oversaw each organization’s accounting procedures and was the executive in charge of required audits by the Defense Contract Auditing Agency and the Defense Contract Management Agency. She has also been responsible for companies’ adherence to the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

At present, Barbara manages the entire accounting division for the combined organization of Q.E.D. Systems, Inc. (VSD’s parent company) and VSD, totaling more than 600 people and $86 million in annual revenue. She was recently named a finalist from among more than 40 nominees in the 6th Annual Virginia Business CFO Awards.

As VSD continues to expand, new career opportunities will be posted on our Website.