VSD, LLC (VSD) and VSD Global (VSDG) are continually working to build international partnerships. John Jackson, chief strategy officer of VSD and Ahmad Halabi, managing director of VSDG, recently met with the directors of the Robotic Institute of the University of Valencia in Valencia, Spain. They forged a new partnership with the Institute, through which Valencia will serve as technical partner on future training and simulation projects in areas including general driving safety simulators, fire truck driving simulators, crane operations simulators, and ship handling simulation systems.


“This is a grand opportunity for VSD to work with a world-class university as we continue to expand operational reach in Europe, North Africa, and the Middle East,” said VSD CEO Chuck Wythe. “We are exceptionally pleased with the expansion of capabilities and capacity that the University of Valencia brings to VSD and VSDG.”

Learn more about the University of Valencia at http://www.uv.es.