VSD, LLC (VSD) subsidiary VSD Global (VSDG) has signed a partnership agreement with Immediate Supply General Trading & Contracting Company (ISGT) of Kuwait City to provide products, support, and services in Kuwait. Working collaboratively with ISGT, a transport and logistics services company, VSDG will provide training products and services to government, military, and industrial clients. Additionally, VSDG will provide simulator system services and management, advisory, and acquisition support.

VSDG and its family of companies (including VSD, DTM Global, Q.E.D. Systems, Inc., and Proven Publications) have provided multiple advanced maritime simulation systems in more than 20 countries (including Saudi Arabia, U.A.E., Oman, Egypt, United States of America, and the United Kingdom). Recent training and simulation projects include the development, construction, and delivery of simulators including full mission bridge trainers, 30mm fire control trainers, engine control room trainers, and small arms trainers.

“We are extremely pleased with our new in-country partner, ISGT, in the State of Kuwait. ISGT brings to the partnership the logistics capabilities, local operational knowledge, and seasoned professionals required for a successful penetration of this new market for VSDG,” said Ahmad Halabi, managing director of VSDG. “We have spent considerable time finding and vetting a proven partner that enhances the core competencies of VSDG and we are confident the new partnership with ISGT will produce immediate results and growth for the company.”
For more about ISGT, visit http://www.immediate-supply.com.